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The Future of Finance

At Block Green, we're pioneering a transformation in the financial landscape with Bitcoin. Are you ready to join us in shaping the future of finance?

Being part of the Block Green team means becoming a part of a vibrant and innovative tech startup, where you'll collaborate with exceptional individuals deeply dedicated to their work.

Our team brings extensive expertise from leading companies, such as Google and Bain & Company. If you believe you have the skills and drive to be a part of our extraordinary team, we eagerly await your connection. Let's explore the opportunities ahead together."

Working at Block Green

At Block Green, our commitment is to foster a work environment where every team member discovers purpose and curiosity in their roles.

We prioritize transparency, openness, and honesty to create a flexible, inviting, and motivating workspace.

To strengthen our bonds, we gather in person quarterly at different locations, allowing us to connect, exchange ideas, and grow together.

About Block Green

Our journey commenced in 2021 when founders Sebastien and Bastian had a vision. By December, Block Green AG was officially incorporated in Switzerland.

In 2022, we raised a seed round of $3.7 million led by Founders Fund. We expanded our team and established our first office in Zürich.

In 2023, we successfully launched our platform and executed our inaugural transaction.

Join us at Block Green and become part of our exciting journey.

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