Who we are

Block Green is a Bitcoin-first ecosystem accelerating the transition to a fair and accessible economy.

Block Green is a liquidity protocol offering new financial products that benefit the entire Bitcoin ecosystem. We live by the Bitcoin ethos. Our protocol offers scalable and attractive applications to deploy Bitcoin capital.


What we do

We are building a new, transparent, and accessible capital market with Bitcoin at its core.

Immediate liquidity

Our platform allow miners to sell exposure to their future revenues at a discount in order to offload risk and access immediate liquidity

Bitcoin returns

This results in a more cost-effective and sustainable financing option while allowing Bitcoin holders to yield an attractive Bitcoin-native return

Ecosystem progress

By connecting these parties, we believe the ecosystem as a whole will progress, becoming more transparent, sustainable and creating long-term value.

Who we are for


Bitcoin centric

Access liquidity in your primary production asset to hedge your revenue streams.


Realize future revenues

Receive liquidity derived from the present value of your future hashpower rewards.


Painless finance

Partner with institutions who understand the space, and share the same long-term aspirations for the future of Bitcoin.


BTC in, BTC out

Gain access to transparent opportunities for deploying your Bitcoin and earning an attractive Bitcoin-native return.


Streaming returns

Our architecture is constructed without bridges and secured with multi-sig wallets.



Experience the first end-to-end on-chain solution for deploying Bitcoin capital.


Built for Bitcoin

Addressing the lack of opportunities for Bitcoin holders to deploy their capital, hindering widespread adoption of Bitcoin.


Accountable adoption

Our belief is that, over time, the progression of transparency, accessibility, and sustainability will pave the way for more meaningful adoption of Bitcoin at a societal level.


Sustainable future

Through our framework, we quantify the environmental impact of miner operations, providing a dynamic for incentivizing sustainable mining.

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