Who we are

A capital platform for Bitcoin miners and HPC data center operators

Our product offerings include both secured and unsecured lending in BTC and fiat currencies, as well as bespoke revenue hedging solutions for data center operators.


What we do

Revolutionizing capital access for data center operators

Immediate liquidity

Our platform offers data center operators access to fixed-interest loans as well as revenue-streaming products. The latter providing a risk-free way to access immediate liquidity.


Our innovative approach offers a cost-effective and sustainable financing option for data center operators, while delivering attractive returns for fiat and Bitcoin investors.

Secured capital

By capitalizing on future revenues, data center operators can secure funding for expansion and enhance revenue certainty, ensuring stable and predictable growth.

Who we are for


Expansion capital

Receive immediate liquidity for accelerated growth and expansion.


Risk management

Convert uncertain future revenues into predictable cash flow.


Financial flexbility

Gain exposure to HPC and Bitcoin mining by lending directly to leading data center operators.


Industry exposure

Gain exposure to the AI and Bitcoin mining through the data center sectors.


Tailored solutions

Access innovative financial solutions, secured and unsecured lending in BTC and fiat currencies, as well as bespoke revenue hedging solutions.


Native platform

Benefit from our industry access and underwriting expertise, by deploying capital in tailored liquidity strategies offering attractive returns.


Built for infrastructure

We empower data center operators with cutting-edge financial solutions, fueling expansion and shaping the future of compute infrastructure.


Market stability

We pioneer financial resilience for the Bitcoin mining and HPC and ecosystem, fostering growth and stability in dynamic markets.


Fostering innovation

We provide access to capital to drive continuous innovation, and maintain a competitive edge within their industry.

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