About Block Green

We are building Block Green on the thesis that Bitcoin solves financial exclusion and fosters the development of a renewables-based economy.

The Block Green decentralised lending protocol gives sustainable mining operations access to fair and transparent liquidity from Bitcoin holders looking to participate in securing the network.

We want to become the one-stop shop for the financial needs of mining operations, with strong ESG principles at heart.

Our vision

To become an integral part of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, and the primary partner for direct immediate liquidity for renewable Bitcoin mining operations.

Our mission

We bring fair and direct liquidity solutions to sustainable mining operations in order to benefit the renewable transition of the Bitcoin network.

Backed by some of the best investors and angels from the space

Mission Street Ventures


We are a world class team with experience from Google, Bain & Company, MasterCard, BCG, Cambridge University, Rocket Internet, BlockFi and Amazon. Join us? We are Hiring!

Sebastien Hess

CEO, Co-Founder

Bastian Becker

COO, Co-Founder

Graciella Dharmawan

Head of Platform OPS

Alex Lloyd

Head of Engineering

Kim Sandin

Head of Growth

Patrick Guerriero

General Manager USA

Ricardo Oliveira

Business Intelligence

Meda Račaitytė

Business Ops Associate

Daniel Mezzina-Samuels

Data Science / Product