What we do

Helping miners to realize future revenues

Our platform allows miners access to future revenues today. It provides operators with a tool to de-risk operations and receive liquidity upfront  – all based on existing hashrate. Our aim is to build a new, transparent, and accessible capital market with Bitcoin at its core.

Based on hashrate revenue

The Block Green protocol calculates and provides a BTC-denominated value based on the existing hashrate each miner allocates to the protocol.

Attractive cost of capital

We provide access to substantial pools of passive Bitcoins, creating a mutually beneficial scenario by offering a native BTC yield while concurrently reducing the capital costs for miners.

Hedge and unlock liquidity

Our product eliminates the conversion volatility risk of traditional fiat liquidity with end-to-end Bitcoin denomination.

Trusted & transparent

Our protocol caters exclusively to accredited and AML-vetted institutional liquidity providers through direct access or integration with Bitcoin Prime Brokerages.


Funding flow

The funding flow from investors works as follows:



Miners onboard by submitting the required information for KYM. This includes financials, operational data, energy sourcing details, and their overall strategy.


Hashrate valuation

Based on the KYM information, we model the future value of the hashrate, estimating the opportunity's size, duration, and discount rate.


Opportunity creation

Upon approval of the terms, the Block Green protocol generates the opportunity and the corresponding Opportunity Vault on the platform.


Available liquidity

Once the Opportunity Vault is funded, the miner must post on-chain collateral to the Collateral Wallet.


Hashpower redirection

The liquidity transfer is triggered when the protocol receives confirmation that the hashrate has been redirected to the dedicated Rewards vault.

Architecture flow

A diagran describing our architecture

Reward Redemption flow:



The entire amount of liquidity is released once the miner's hashrate has been redirected to the Rewards Vault and the security has been deposited into the collateral vault.



The protocol actively monitors the hashrate provision throughout the length of the agreement, programmatically matching the hashrate and reward flow with the linked pool parameters.


Collateral adjustments

In the case of deviations from the agreed-upon hashrate, the protocol automatically balances the amount by using BTC payments/deductions against the on-chain collateral.


Closing agreement

Upon completion of the agreement, the pool is liquidated, and any remaining collateral is returned.

know your miner

Know Your Miner (KYM) is our screening process for the introduction of new opportunities on the Block Green protocol. We only partner with highly financially robust mining operations. Their adequacy is determined based on three frameworks:

Some Criteria

  • Mining site operations
  • Equipment
  • Existing mining capacity
  • PPA
  • Energy mix
  • Financials

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